2 Months of Free Food? Anyone?

As many moms do, I manage the finance of our family trying to keep all expenses in within our possibilities. Food is probably the last thing we want to save on, in fear we may compromise on food quality. But if you think you are doing everything you can to save on food, maybe it has not occurred to you a simple trick that can save you up to two months of food within a year. How much do you spend in a month for food? Well, double the amount and you will know how much you can save! Taking advantage of the offers and moving to a cheaper supermarket can be a start. But probably, as my grandmother would say, shop every day and buy the best food at the best price is the winning strategy to always have healthy, fresh and affordable food available. Nowadays, unfortunately, very few families buy food on a daily basis for the lack of time. The weekly or monthly purchase becomes larger, perhaps online. But if you move the day you are going to shop for food just a day a week, you will find yourself in the situation of having to take advantage of forgotten items in the fridge or pantry or these leftovers that could otherwise be spoiled. Use your fantasy, books or blogs can help you find new recipes for the usual ingredients and new ways to prepare them. Empty your refrigerator as much as you can before buying again (it will help with the cleaning also) has the advantage of forcing us to use everything we already bought and fight waste. Math is not an opinion, in a year there are around 52 weeks if you save one day a week you will accumulate 52 days free of shopping!! Worth an astonishing value of two months of food !!! This will help your family budget as well as the environment. Another efficient rule to save on food is being able to calculate the portions correctly, as well as organize the food correctly, learning new cooking techniques and new ways to use ingredients it is my favorite rule to assure nothing is wasted in our home! 
Try and at the end of the year, you will notice the difference!

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